August 6, 2021


Dear Residents and Families,

The purpose of this letter is to communicate updates regarding our covid-19 reporting and the actions we continue to take to combat and protect our community.

Today, we received notice from the Commonwealth that York County’s Covid positivity rate is at 6.3% and Adams County is at 7.7%.

A County positivity rate of 5% or greater does require the facility to take additional precautions.

Effective Monday, August 9, we will test all non-vaccinated staff, weekly, until York County positivity rate falls below 5%.


I do not intend to change our current visitation guidelines at this point in time.

However, I do need to review/reiterate the current visitation guidelines.

·         Visitors need to call the receptionist 24-hours in advance to schedule a visit.

·         Visitors now have three locations to choose for visits.

o   In Resident Room

§  Single Occupancy Room – up to 3 visitors

§  Double Occupancy Room – 1 visitor

o   Assigned Lounge

§  Up to 2 visitors

o   Outside

§  No limitations on number of visitors or time.

·         Visitors inside the facility need to keep their visits to 30 minutes.

·         Visitors are to wear a face mask at all times while in the facility.

·         The last available visit is 3:30pm.

We have and will continue to test our residents, who show any signs/symptoms. We believe this is in the best interest of our community. We are still very vigilant in our focus to protect and maintain the mitigation that we have achieved.    

You can be proud of the staff at Hanover Hall and be assured that all our staff continue to report to work and perform with excellence. 

I know this continues to be a difficult time for everyone. We will continue to update you, as quickly as possible, with any updates and/or changes to our current situation.

Please know we continue to strictly adhere to all directives and/or recommendations from the local and state health departments as well as the CDC.

We appreciate your continued prayers and trust in the care and services we provide and for your understanding and support of any necessary adjustments as this situation evolves.

Please feel free to contact me at 717-633-4520 with any questions or concerns. 

May God bless us all.




Daniel Pyle, NHA

Administrator, Hanover Hall


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