December 8, 2020 


Dear Residents and Families,

The purpose of this letter is to communicate updates regarding our covid-19 reporting and the actions we continue to take to combat and protect our community. 

Last Thursday, 12/3, we were notified on one staff member testing positive for Covid from our staff testing date of 11/30. This employee is home on self-quarantine and doing well.  

Last Friday, 12/4, prior to sending a resident out to UPMC, we performed a POC Rapid Covid test. The result was presumptive positive for Covid. The reason for sending the resident to UPMC was unrelated to Covid and the presumptive positive result.

As a result of this one presumptive positive covid result, we performed a POC rapid test on all remaining residents on the same nursing unit, B1/A1.

The result was an additional three presumptive positive results. These three residents were moved to subacute and placed on transmission-based isolation. The roommates of these 4 presumptive positives were placed on transmission-based precautions, in their room, due to potential exposure.

All 4 presumptive positive residents were swabbed a second time using the PCR test and we are still waiting for those results.

All families involved were notified and informed that visitation is on hold until precautions for these residents involved has been lifted.

All 4 presumptive positive residents are doing well.

Yesterday, 12/7, we had a resident on C1 show signs/symptoms related to Covid. This resident was tested using the POC rapid test. The result was presumptive positive for Covid. This resident does not have a roommate. A second PCR swabbed was obtained and we are awaiting results. Family was notified and this resident is doing well.

We will continue to maintain transmission-based precautions on the C1 unit due to a known exposure to Covid from our staff who tested positive last week. Residents on the C1 unit will not be able to have visitation until the transmission-based precautions are lifted.

I am also pleased to report that there are no new signs/symptoms amongst are remaining residents at this time.

York County’s positivity rate has increased to 14.2% in the last week. A positivity rate >10% requires our facility to test all staff twice weekly and residents weekly.

Since the start of this pandemic and as of 12/8/2020:

·        We have 4 active positive covid-19 residents in-house. This is a decrease of 2 since last reported.


·        We have 5 presumptive positive residents awaiting PCR results.



·        We have had 11 residents expire who also had tested positive for covid. This is an increase of 0 since last reported.


·        We have had a total of 38 positive residents since the start of this pandemic. This is an increase of 1 since last reported.



·        We have had 18 positive employees since the start of this pandemic. This is an increase of 1 since last reported.


·        4 employees currently home in self-quarantine due to positive Covid. All doing well.

We have and will continue to test our residents, who show any signs/symptoms. We believe this is in the best interest of our community. We are still very vigilant in our focus to protect and achieve the mitigation that we have achieved previously.

We appreciate your continued prayers and trust in the care and services we provide and for your understanding and support of any necessary adjustments as this situation evolves.

Please feel free to contact me at 717-633-4520 with any questions or concerns. 

May God bless us all.



Daniel Pyle, LNHA
Administrator, Hanover Hall


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