October 21, 2020 

 Dear Residents and Families,

The purpose of this letter is to communicate updates regarding our covid-19 reporting and the actions we continue to take to combat and protect our community.

Late today we were notified by our contracted lab that one of our staff tested positive for Covid-19.

This employee worked on our B2 Unit. Consequently, all residents on this unit have been placed on Transmission-Based Precautions.

All residents will be tested for covid over the next 24 hours and we will re-test weekly until we have 14 consecutive days with no new onset of covid. Families will be notified of the test results when we obtain them.

We currently have no residents with any signs/symptoms of Covid within the facility.

As a result of this positive covid result, we must close the facility to visitation.

Once we achieve no new onset of covid for 14 consecutive days, we will open again to visitation.

As of 10/21, since the start of this pandemic, 

  • We have had a total of 30 residents test positive with Covid-19. This is an increase of 0 since our last update.
  • We have 10 employees who had tested positive since this pandemic started. This is an increase of 1 since our last update. This employee is home in self-quarantine.

Of the 30 residents:


·         20 Residents recovered. This is an increase of 0 since our last update.


·         0 Residents currently in-house with positive Covid results. Our last Covid positive resident was taken off precautions on 7/8. 


·         10 Residents expired and who had tested positive for Covid. This is an increase of 0 since our last update.

We have and will continue to test our residents, who show any signs/symptoms. We believe this is in the best interest of our community. We are still very vigilant in our focus to protect and achieve the mitigation that we have achieved previously.

We appreciate your continued prayers and trust in the care and services we provide and for your understanding and support of any necessary adjustments as this situation evolves.

Please feel free to contact me at 717-633-4520 with any questions or concerns. 

May God bless us all.


Daniel Pyle, NHA
Administrator, Hanover Hall


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